segunda-feira, 26 de maio de 2008

Sally Shapiro - Remix Romance vol.1
Pass: hundeminen

Ora aqui está mais um disco altamente aguardado.
Album de remixes de Disco Romance da sueca Sally Shapiro que se tornou para muitos conhecida como a Princesa do Italo-disco.

1. I'll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix) 7:38
2. I Know You're My Love (Juan MacLean Remix) 8:00
3. Find My Soul (Holy Fuck Remix) 4:23
4. Anorak Christmas (Woodhands Remix) 5:20
5. He Keeps Me Alive (Skatebård Remix) 3:58
6. Hold Me So Tight (The Cansecos Remix) 6:26
7. Skating in the Moonshine (Jon Brooks Remix) 4:26
8. Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Remix) 5:05
9. Time to Let Go (Lindstrøm Remix) 10:59
10. Sleep in my Arms (Between Interval Remix) 5:29

Remix Romance Vol. 1 is an accomplished, occasionally revelatory recasting of Disco Romance's synth-pop by some of contemporary electronic music's most capable hands. The fragile melodies and melancholic lyrics of the original songs mostly survive the remixing process, but here they're dressed up in shiny disco (Toronto duo the Cansecos' "Hold Me So Tight", with its funky Gloria Gaynor bass lines), pulsating techno (Hamburg producer Tensnake's grand, Booka Shade-esque "I'll Be By Your Side"), or even quirky keytar-and-cowbell electro-pop (Toronto duo Woodhands' "Anorak Christmas"). The famously reticent Shapiro has finally come into the open in recent months, conducting a few interviews and appearing in public for a string of recent DJ gigs; Remix Romance is the sound of her coming-out party.

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