sábado, 29 de março de 2008

BENGA _ diary of an afro warrior

Muito bom este disco, grande som do inicio ao fim

quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2008

Hercules & Love Affair


o hype está todo em volta deste projecto.
directamente de brooklyn com selo DFA.

terça-feira, 25 de março de 2008

Dragonette - Galore


segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2008

Crystal Castles

Please listen to

Crystal Castles

domingo, 23 de março de 2008

Stereo total . discotek

STotal discotheque

sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2008

Shitdisco punks!


segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2008

Mr Juan Atkins@ Musicbox Lisboa 14 Março 2008

Na presença dos suspeitos do costume, o histórico Juan Atkins presenteou-nos com um set equilibrado e bem apontado para a pista de dança.

Alphawezen -


The Alphawezen project began as an instrumental / electronic / contemporarty dance outfit and has evolved into a kind of Ambient Electronic Pop with the help of Asu. Her ethereal voice and self-written lyrics lend an organic (orgasmic?) quality to Ernst's instrumental work. And in addition to Asu and DJ MAO, Ernst is supported by many other musicians, playing both electronic and accoustic instruments.
Under their nom de guerre Alphawezen respectively Ernst Wawra and his singing comrades-in-arms Asu, Verena, Simone and Fred shows with the third album "Comme Vous Voulez" their expertise in the weird and wonderful world of electro-apparatus again. A typical Alphawezen recording session is less like a composer’s studio session than a conspirative get-together, replete with elated twitterings and chirpings, murmured and whispered exchanges of secrets and piquant remarks.

quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2008

Aaron jerome - time to rearrange 2008


electronica funk jazz soul

este fica muito bem na discografia

terça-feira, 11 de março de 2008

Gnarls Barkley - Odd Couple (2008)

Aí está novidade fresquinha, agora na fase do "2nd-album test", eu digo que tá superado!

é só fazer o download

sábado, 8 de março de 2008

quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2008

Kitsune maison compilation_5_2008

A super exciting music party electro remixes. enjoy it for your pleasure.



sábado, 1 de março de 2008

One day , many years in the past, a man has borned. he was the one trough the colour of his eyes, to the deepness of opening and kind love, this child grew developing human contact trough the other senses, practising is own telephatic mind waves of goodness. all people around him felt so happy, always a young girl started singing folk music, and it was a vast deep knowledge of the human mind, the wisdom and power of making hapennings, visions, telekineses, teletransportations, virtual one of he is image, reflex,

Today i awoke in a strange room, full of flowers on the walls, orchids blooming at fast forward become giant puffs, flowing in the air. i moved my head lying in bed, took a look around, in a glimpse trying to remember how did i get there.
in this wood-carved-boat bed. suddendly i feel a breeze trough the open window, and think that maybe, this bed could be working, and i would get ready to set sail in the air, navigating trough the clouds in this wood-carved-boat bed. besides the bed i see the button to open the ceiling. it's working, opening the sky.

the forest is filled with glass trees, shinning reflexes of the sun, a quite amazing view

DJ Battle. Radio O2. 102.60fm. Lisboa. 29-02-2008

i would like to meet the ladys au revoir simone


1. Spleen United: 66
2. Glass Candy: Life after Sundown
3. Soltent : In Light
4. Yelle: Cause des garçons
5. the KNIFE: You take my Breath away

sub-type: synth-pop pós-punk electro retro
Artist: L'Amateur