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Sex in Dallas & Biladoll - Perpetual Emotion Maschine (2007)


Nell' Assassin - Recontrução 2008

Nell' Assassin aka Sr alfaiate está de volta com um grande disco de scratch-hip hop-soul tuga. confere, a tocar na cabine de som.

"Reconstrução" é o novo álbum do português Nelassassin. Um disco onde participam vários MCs de peso como Sagas, Sam the Kid, Mundo, Sir Scratch, Bob Tha Rage Sense, Verbal, 10A, Family Complow, Rua, Sanrise e a cantora Elaisa (canta no single de apresentação do álbum ? Tell M what?s the problem?).
Nelassassin é membro de projectos como Sagas, Micro, Bullet, Family Complow e Bob Tha Rage Sense. ?Reconstrução? é o seu 2ª álbum como Nelassassin (editou também um álbum instrumental com o heterónimo Sr Alfaiate). Em 2004 e 2005 ganhou o "Dance Club Awards" de melhor DJ hip hop , em 2000 arrecadou o 4ª lugar no Campeonato Ibérico da Vestax e em 2005 o 1º Lugar no I.T.F. ( International Turntablism Federation) em Portugal.

1. IntroReconstrução
2. Área de Serviço
3. 1 Minuto
4. 007 Missão Reconstrução
5. Shakespirate
6. Som Pesado
7. Não há Adeus
8. Espalha Fogo
9. Sabes Quem é
10. Bam Bam
11. Ilucidassaum
12. Tell me What's Yha Problem
13. Rise Up
14. Now On
15. OutroReconstrução

Hess is more - Tip top Dynamo

Electro Jazz

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Nils ... tu dá-lhes a mais de mils!

Nils Petter Molvaer - Re-Vision (2008)

Nujazz a valaer :)

01. Torn
02. The Beginning
03. Alone In The Bathtub
04. Visitation
05. Arctic Dub
06. Perimeters
07. Trumpet Player In The Backyard
08. The End
09. The Visitor
10. Azad's Theme
11. Decisions
12. Leaps And Bounds


UAU! the coolest turntable soul music

Lars Horntveth - Pooka

Lars from Jaga jazzist

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Albert Hammond Jr - Indie rock

para os amantes do new rock estilo the Strokes


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Little Dragon

Mais um grande disco.

Hailing from the musical hotbed of Gotenburg, Yukimi Nagano originally came to prominence via her much lauded collaboration with Koop at the turn of the century. She has gone on to work with people such as Hird, Swell Session and Sleepwalker amongst others, rapidly building a fan base that is instantly captured by her soft, angelic voice and her poignant lyrics. With a new project called Little Dragon about to release what is easily a contender for album of the year, and a heavy touring schedule with Little Dragon and Jose Gonzalez in the coming months, it looks like jazz’s best kept secret is about to be revealed to the world at large and success is a guarantee.

Associação Cultural D'Orfeu - Águeda

The Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan amanhã em Águeda.

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Shearwater - Rook (2008)

Indie Experimental

Muito Bom

Thank You "Terrible Two" (Thrill Jockey 2008)

"Thrill Jockey is very excited to introduce you to Terrible Two, the brand new album from Baltimore’s Thank You. The album recording was engineered by Baltimore’s beloved J. Robbins (Yeasayer, Mary Timony, Jets to Brazil) at his studio and was produced and mixed by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Celebration, TV on the Radio) at his studio in New York City.

Thank You is an athletic rhythm/action unit, made up of Jeffrey McGrath, Michael Bouyoucas, and Elke Wardlaw. They are three free individuals, subsumed into a collective form that spits out dank, skittering tracks filled with light and dark. "
- Thrill Jockey

This Is Ivy League - 2008 - This Is Ivy League


Psicadelic Pop from Brooklyn

Deerhunter - Microcastle (2008)


Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning / Something For All Of Us... (2008)


the Black Keys


já anteriormente destacado aqui na Cabine de som, mas agora fica o link para este grande disco.

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Abe Vigoda - Skeleton [Post Present Medium, 2008]


Abe Vigoda are the new LA punk secret weapon. Coming from a shattered and splattered background of no wave, pop, darkness and hope, Abe Vigoda bring forth a sound that is tempting and beautiful, yet melodic and tropical.

Chin Chin (2008)


Cloudland Canyon - Lie In Light (2008)


Psicadelico Experimental Progressivo

The Black Ghosts


Electro Pop

Ola Festival - 15 Agosto Almeria

Mais uma boa sugestão para o pico do Verão, no sul de Espanha.


Tks Antonio

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Fleet Foxes


Muito bem cotado este disco, é a ouvir.

Following their spectacular Sun Giant EP, Seattle-based Fleet Foxes' self-titled full-length debut has a lot to live up to. Luckily, the record more than delivers the goods: Incorporating a broad spectrum of styles-- from Appalachian folk and AM country to classic rock and SoCal pop-- Fleet Foxes create a personal synthesis of the music of their peers, their parents, and even their grandparents, and in doing so, make their seemingly conservative approach feel surprisingly innovative, if not outright defiant.

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Flight of the concords (2008)


Curumin - Japan Pop show (2008)

He may very well be this generation's Tom Zè, but I think Brazil's Curumin is having too much fun being himself. JapanPopShow is his forthcoming album, his second for Quannum, and it is easily one of the more original albums I've heard this year so far. Here is a guy who combines not only the music of Brazil, but all of the elements that made the music what it is. You will hear shades of Africa, you will hear something that sounds like a cross between Kraftwerk, M.I.A., and Salt-N-Pepa ("Caixa Preta"), or even some downhome funk ("Saido Bangu"). Curumin shares his romantic side in "Misterio Stereo", which could be about a woman in waiting, or falling in love with the sounds coming out of a stereo system, or both. "Compacto" is also about the joys of falling for a "compact record" (a 7" 45rpm record for the vinyl illiterate), as he sings (in Portuguese) 45!, cause I just want to listen/45!, restful/45!, at my place, at my side/45!, one delicate, one rare/45!, so let it drop/45!, cause I want to listen/45!, at my place, at my side/45!, calm, restful. While music and the joy of records are one of the appealing things about his music, Curumin also touches on the political side. As is the case with a lot of Brazilian music throughout the country, one has to read between the lines but with lines such as where is my piece of the steak?/the bone is hard to chew/share the dough/share the dough (from "Mal Estar Card"), it couldn't be any more direct. The life of his country is not in a ritzy hotel, but amongst the people. Those who have enjoyed Brazilian music of the last 40 years will find Curumin to be the bright light every fan looks forward to finding. It's a music that's proud by an artist who is honored to share his music with the world, but not without acknowledging the people and the land he calls home. It's fun and funky, and it's the kind of music that will move the most rigid asses on Earth. There are also some English lyrics scattered throughout, including a cameo from Lateef The Truth Speaker and Gift Of Gab in "Kyoto", which could help carry Curumin over to hip-hop audiences. The track was mixed by none other than Scott "Scotty Hard" Harding, so you know things are hitting when they're supposed to be. While there are other established guests on JapanPopShow, including RV Walters, and Tommy Guerrero, most of the instruments are played by Curumin himself, someone who is determined to craft his own sound and history in his own way, complete with analog instruments and recording techniques, complete with friendly tape hiss throughout (YES!) It's an album with a retro feel but with a feeling that has today's issues in mind. It has the right amount of quirk and strangeness that makes these type of Brazilian albums slow burners. Or at least, you want to let it simmer for maximum satisfaction, so that you don't get audio heartburn or indigestion. For anyone who thought the state of music has been dead for the last few years, JapanPopShow is the album that will bring life to anyone that allows themselves to take it in.

Taken from 193rd edition of The Run-Off Groove March 8, 2008

Sigur Rós - Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust


Novo disco dos Sigur Ros

Kings of Convenience - riot on an empty street (2004)

Tricky - Knowle West Boy (2008)


Adrian Thaws aka Tricky está de volta. Há muito que está afastado dos grandes discos, na minha opinião desde o genial "Pre Milennium Tension", vamos lá ouvir se é desta o regresso do herói.

neste link podes ver o novo video

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Does It Offend You,Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Into (2008)


Wilsonic live

Bonobo @ wilsonic

Little Dragon - Live @ Wilsonic 2008

Apparat Band - Live @ Wilsonic 2008

Wilsonic - Bratislava 2008

(De seguida ficam os link para alguns concertos)
Decorreu em Bratislava o Wilsonic Festival que deve ter sido bem animado, a ver pelo
Friday June 6, 2008
6:00 pm Sonority
7:00 pm Dublicate
8:00 pm Andrea Sartori
9:00 pm Dani Siciliano
10:30 pm Christian Prommer´s Drum Lesson
12:00 am Apparat Band
1:15 am Beardyman
2:00 am Nôze
3:30 am Jeff Milligan
3:30 am Mike Shannon

9:30 pm Batcha de Mental
10:30 pm Matoa
11:30 pm Deadbeat
1:00 am 2562
2:30 am Neil Landstrumm
3:30 am Skream
5:00 am TRG

8:00 pm Petr Drkula
9:00 pm B.Fleischmann
10:00 pm Soap&skin
11:00 pm Fennesz
12:00 am Litwinenko
12:45 am Mujuice
1:30 am Chris Plastic
2:25 am Laurine Frost vs. Coldfish
3:30 am dOP
4:30 am Isobutane
5:15 am Craquetone

Saturday 07 June 2008
6:00 pm Midi Lidi
7:30 pm Novika
9:00 pm Little Dragon
10:30 pm Bonobo
12:00 am Kelley Polar
1:30 am Raz Ohara
3:00 am Various Production
5:00 am Clark

7:00 pm Modré hory
8:00 pm Cold-Boy-Klan
9:00 pm Galun
10:00 pm Skiller
10:45 pm Indy & Wich
12:00 am 1000 Names
1:00 am Flying Lotus
2:00 am DJ Kentaro
4:00 am Questablists
5:00 am Vec

11:00 pm Tom Wilson
12:30 am Auditory Ossicles
1:30 am Piotr Bejnar
2:30 am Wojtek Urbanski
3:00 am Eddy Ramich
4:30 am Tom Wieland

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Laurent Garnier - Back To My Roots EP


Pass : djtrian.blogspot.com

Label: Innervisions
Catalog#: IV16
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Date: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

01.Back To My Roots (Original Afrodiziac Mix)
02.Panoramix (Original Mix)
03.Panoramix (short Mix)

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The Mole - As high as the sky


Pass : djtrian.blogspot.com

Label: Wagon Repair
Catalog#: WAG038CD
Format: CD, Album
Pays: Canada
Date: 26 May 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, Tech House

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1 Future Tone (5:54)
2 Perpetual Motion (6:27)
3 Japanese Elecktronics (6:11)
4 Check Mate (4:52)
5 Mystery World (5:04)
6 Silicone Valley (4:11)
7 Midnight Drive (5:52)
8 Thermo Science (6:40)
9 Stun Gun (5:35)
10 Floatation (5:48)
11.1 Time Tunnel (3:55)
11.2 (Silence) (5:08)
11.3 Untitled (4:09)

Here is a classic mix from Jace Clayton, originally released on Tigerbeat6 in 2002. This was one of my first tastes of 'mash-up' culture.

Rupture's skills on the decks are undeniable (no computers here), and his track selection is mind-blowing. A quick cursory scan of the track list before listening may leave you scratching your head, thinking 'there is no way those tracks will sound right together'.

Upon listening you will surely be impressed with Jace's deft touch and mixalogically skills. It's hard to believe that this gem is 6 years old. I know this mix influenced lots of you crazy kids (if it didn't, it should've). Enjoy!

Strategy - Music For Lamping


Paul Dickow ascribes to a sort of morality of the non-committal. He keeps busy with a number of bands and collaborations within the Portland music scene, whether it's drumming for punk band Emergency, working with improvisational trio Nudge, or recording under his solo electronic music guise, Strategy. Even within his solo work, Dickow avoids all the usual signifiers that might align him with a signature sound. Listen to Strategy's 2007 record Future Rock on an especially balmy night and you'd swear it was rooted in grimy 1970s funk. On a rainy day, its fluid repetition seems more at home in the auspices of the early Krautrockers. Still further insight gained by introspection in the dead of winter might place Dickow's solo project in the icy depths inhabited by Boards of Canada.
The fact is that Strategy inhabits all these places at once. He's never afraid to try something new, is rather unconcerned with musical continuity, and is often proud to lack allegiance to an established musical identity. Even the name "Strategy" seems to be chosen to reflect a plan, not a person. In a pinch, Future Rock's closest reference is perhaps Byrne & Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, and it is a rough one at that. Now, in a complete non-shocker, Strategy's new Music for Lamping fully commits to Future Rock's sense of ambiance at the expense of its rock signifiers.
Stylistically, Music for Lamping plays more formally, and that makes it oddly more challenging. On the surface, the record is pretty simple: repeated progressions and loops for anywhere from five to 15 minutes at a time, with the odd bit of color and fuzz passing in and out of the mix. It would be tempting to reduce the record to the vagaries of ambient or drone, but the glistening oscillations of songs like opener "I Can't Stand The Rain" seem a lot more selfish (and listenable) than you'd expect from music using those labels.
Dickow is captivated by the ability to distill the enchanted spark powering Future Rock into pulsating, organic works, and he does that by removing percussion and almost all senses of progression. These compositions have stewed over for a long time (some of which came from a canceled 2002 ambient record for Tigerbeat6) but, even with six years of dust, sound like they could have been recorded yesterday. They also sound like they could have been recorded thirty years ago, as is the case with "Lower Macleay", which can trace direct lineage back to Klaus Schulze's Moondawn, and "Cathedral Spark" and "All Day..." which sound like lost Cluster & Eno pieces.
It doesn't always work: "Bike Click", one of the more chaotic compositions, makes aggressive overtures at the outset, but never builds into the dramatic, threatening climax it seems to hint it could become. By the same token, listeners expecting the same soulful electronic music as Strategy's early work are in for a surprise from a forceful but taciturn group of works full of personality but too somber for someone without a stomach for ambient music. Still, Music For Lamping is a nice indicator that Dickow is willing to explore in-depth one of the many styles from which he borrows, and to attempt to run it through an aesthetic filter that is true to both him and the style. It complements his beat-oriented, melodic work by providing some insight into the stylistic backbone of those efforts. In another non-shocker, Dickow seems most committed to a rule that is key to making music: there are no rules.

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The Juju Orchestra - Bossa Nova Is Not a Crime (2007)




Tepr - côte ouest


Official Remixes :
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Atlantic records)
Santogold - Say Aha (Atlantic records)
Rafale - Rock it, don't stop it (Rise Recordings)
Calvin Harris - The girls (Cinq7/Fly Eye/Columbia)
The Teenagers - Love no (Merok)
Missill - Glitch (Citizen/Discograph)
Infadels - Cant' get enough (Wall of Sound)
Heads We Dance - Love in the digital age (Puregroove)
Fortune - In the shadow (Disque Primeur)
Kap10kurt - Dangerseekers (Plant Music)
Yelle - ACDG (Kitsuné/Source etc)
Stuck in the sound - Toyboy (Discograph)
Zucchini Drive - EasyTiger (2nd rec/Idwet)

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Electro disco remixes.

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Health Disco


Music from experimental noise rockers HEALTH has been reimagined, recut, and remixed for a new album from Lovepump United called HEALTH//DISCO. The new recordfeatures some stupendous remixes.

Track List:
1 Triceratops (Acid Girls Rmx A)
2. Lost Time (Pictureplane Rmx)
3. Triceratops (Acid Girls Rmx B)
4. Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)
5. Heaven (Narctrax Rmx)
6. Problem Is (Thrust Lab Rmx)
7. Triceratops (CFCF Rmx)
8. Lost Time (C.L.A.W.S. Rmx)
9. Tabloid Sores (Nosajthing Rmx)
10. Heaven (Pink Skull Rmx)
11. Perfect Skin (Curses! Rmx)

Kiko - Slave of my mind


Depois de Miss Kittin, the Hacker e afins mais uma estrela francesa do electro-techno.
Quando quiserem "partir a casa toda" é meter este disco, toma lá bolachas, vai buscar!!!!

Gentle Touch


Synth pop

aquele somzinho mesmo à anos 80

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Chet Baker - The touch of your lips 1979


one of my jazz favorites

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Sonantes (2008)


good tip sand tks :)

Sonantes is a musical collaborative from Sao Paulo - the result of which is greater than the sum of its parts. The parts in this case are: CéU, members of Brazilian groups Nação Zumbi and Instituto, as well as guest stars including Siba, Lucio Maia, Beto Villares, and Apollo 9. Last year LAist reviewed CéU's excellent and beautiful self-titled release and were fortunate enough to interview her before one of her shows in LA.

The goal for this recording was to create a collection of songs for imaginary films and the artists succeed in creating a wildly diverse and compelling set that ranges from traditional sambas to melanges of rock guitar, techno, and layers and layers of ethnic rhythms. The album starts out with an engaging and subtle sound (yeah, you definitely know that this music is from Brazil) and then things start to get weird with "Miopia" which ends with a waltzy ska and a guitar sound that sounds lifted from Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombones, then on to "Toque de Coito" which has ghostly vocals that sound almost Japanese.

My favorite track on the album is "Mambobit" which is a beautiful samba, without lyrics but including glorious poppy "ba-ba-ba" choruses (I'm convinced we'll be hearing snippets of this in some commercial sometime this year). The album turns a bit darker and dramatic for several songs, but always different (listen to "Quilombo Te Espera" above for an example of funky guitars overlaying subdued percussion, CéU's beautiful voice, and traditional instrumentation). The album ends with the uplifting "Frevo de Saudade", with blasts of horns and a snappy melody, perhaps reminding us that Sao Paulo is a party town indeed, and, perhaps the setting for the imaginary film that Sonantes was thinking about.