terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2008



1 Future Tone (5:54)
2 Perpetual Motion (6:27)
3 Japanese Elecktronics (6:11)
4 Check Mate (4:52)
5 Mystery World (5:04)
6 Silicone Valley (4:11)
7 Midnight Drive (5:52)
8 Thermo Science (6:40)
9 Stun Gun (5:35)
10 Floatation (5:48)
11.1 Time Tunnel (3:55)
11.2 (Silence) (5:08)
11.3 Untitled (4:09)

Here is a classic mix from Jace Clayton, originally released on Tigerbeat6 in 2002. This was one of my first tastes of 'mash-up' culture.

Rupture's skills on the decks are undeniable (no computers here), and his track selection is mind-blowing. A quick cursory scan of the track list before listening may leave you scratching your head, thinking 'there is no way those tracks will sound right together'.

Upon listening you will surely be impressed with Jace's deft touch and mixalogically skills. It's hard to believe that this gem is 6 years old. I know this mix influenced lots of you crazy kids (if it didn't, it should've). Enjoy!

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